Oct 14, 2009

Things we need to do....

1. Wisdom is only developed through having faith and believe in Allah sincerely

2. Always lead the life your Creator wants you to

3. Have a sincere faith

4. Always see the inner beauty of things

5. Always follows and srictly abide your conscience

6. Always think of Allah’s greatness

7. Able to comprehend that the perfection in animate things and in systems is Allah’s creation

8. Always seek ways to bring yourself closer to Allah

9. The real source of wisdom is faith

10. Always remember that Allah has created this world as a transient place to test humankind

11. Keep ini your mind that the world has been created attractive and adorned with pretty things on purpose

12. Always prepares for the Hereafter

13. Try to truly grasp the truth about death

14. Remember that death is not an end but rather a beginning of an infinite life

15. Comprehend the reality of fate

16. Remember that Allah, the possessor of infinite wisdom, has created everything on earth, small or big, with a purpose and divine reason, Allah is merely testing you

17. Submit to Allah with all your heart

18. Trust Him completely

19. Gladly accept your destiny

20. Think with your wisdom

21. Doesn’t occupy your mind with things that will waste your time

22. Uses the Qur’an as your guide

23. Think of the almightiness of Allah Who created you, others and all the things you knows

24. Think how to achieve Allah’s love and approval

25. You are more responsible to Allah, not others

26. Every moment of your life and every event you faces, thinks of what would be the conduct that would best bring you close to Allah

27. Always uses your mind to do beneficial and good things

28. Behave in the best manner possible to others around you

29. Say the best words

30. Live by the morals approved of by Allah

31. Try your bet to meticulously follow the commands and restrictions set forth in the Qur’an

32. Spends all your energy to on being one of the people most loved by Allah

33. Think by using your wisdom

34. Try your best to follow the moral qualities stated in the Quran such as honesty, genuineness, sincerity, modesty, peacefulness, compassion, justness, tolerance, and forgiveness

35. Acts according to your conscience in situations you faces every day

36. Overcomes your anger, responds to the person concerned with kind words.

37. Always be honest

38. Try to draw the best conclusions from your past experiences, use these in the most appropriate way for future events

39. Always takes every possible precaution, foreseeing any future problems

40. Practice effective speaking by giving “sincere speech" that comes from the heart to leaves a deep impression on the hearts of your listeners through the sincerity of your words

41. Allah created everything for a reason, that everything you experience and every utterance you hear are parts of the test created for you

42. Fearless of anyone or anything except Allah to develop a strong personality

43. Shows determination in living by the morals of the Qur'an

44. Right path can be reached only by those who have faith, who follow the teachings of the Qur’an, take the teachings of the Qur’an as their guide and live their lives accordingly

45. Never occupies your mind with unnecessary thoughts

46. Never spends your time on things that will not benefit you

47. Always try to puts the needs of the people around you first

48. Always thinks of things that can be of benefit to religion and believers

49. Always plans ahead of time

50. Focuses your thoughts on whatever you are aiming at

51. Takes refuge in Allah

52. Thinks "there is good in all".

53. Comprehend the greatness of Allah

54. Talks only when it is necessary, most appropriate